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Richard Cory: Redux

Author: divine_nimbus
Title: Richard Cory: Redux
Pairing: William/Xander
Rating: PG-13
Concrit: Please! Comments are always welcome. I love to know you're reading.
Disclaimer: All characters are borrowed with respect from Joss Whedon.
Warnings: This is a story about depression. There is no character death, however, and the boys stick together in the end. The boys are both human in this story, as well.
Summary: The sun outside seemed to glare at him in accusation each time a stray beam forced its way past the drapes. Failure, it said laughingly, tiny flecks of dust dancing, swirling happily around as if celebrating the golden light's victory over the window treatments. He didn't understand why it wasted the time. Mocking him. He already knew.
Notes: I felt the urge to write this out. I'm working on Chapter 6 of Should the Wide World Roll Away though, too, for everyone that has been reading that, so it should be up soon. Thank you all who continue to read and comment. I love it more than you could imagine.

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*The title is a reference to the poem of the same name which can be found Here. While this poem is decidedly depressing, and does not end on the same not as I do (at least I hope not), the similarity is evident, I think.