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Beautiful Surrender 2/?

Author: divine_nimbus

Title: Beautiful Surrender

Chapter: 1/?

Pairing: Godric/Sookie (main pairing); Godric/Sookie/Eric (moments)

Rating: PG-13 for now; eventually NC-17

Disclaimer: All characters are borrowed with respect from Charlaine Harris and Alan Ball.

Warnings: This story will feature a Dominant/submissive relationship. Additionally the relationship will explore aspects of BDSM.

Summary: While in Dallas, Godric takes an interest in Sookie, believing that there may be a reason for her erratic and many times disagreeable nature. This story will explore their relationship.

Notes: This story is an AU, starting off in Dallas. Godric is not the vampire that the Fellowship kidnapped, rather it was a vampire from his nest. He called Eric for assistance in dealing with the church and Sookie came along to help with the humans. In this story Godric is neither depressed nor suicidal. Although Bill and Sookie have been dating up to this point they have not yet slept together.

Please, if you read try to leave a comment. I love hearing what people are thinking. Thanks and I hope you enjoy!

When Sookie woke up the next day she was surprised to find that she was alone in bed. She turned her head toward the sitting area and saw that Godric was already awake, sitting in a chair and reading. Godric looked up from his book then, marking his page and closing it when he saw that Sookie was awake.

"Good morning, Sookie," he said, walking back over to the bed and sitting on the edge. "I trust you slept well?"

Sookie pushed herself up into a sitting position and ran a hand through her hair in an attempt to flatten what she imagined was a horrible case of bed head. "Yes, I slept just fine, thank you. Uh, what time is it?"

"It is just past 3 pm. You must have been tired. We were up very late last night."

"It's the afternoon? How are you awake?"

"Sookie, I am a very old vampire, as you know. As long as I am out of the sun, daylight has very little effect on me anymore."

Sookie stared at Godric in amazement until she caught herself and looked down at her hands.

"You must be hungry," Godric said, drawing Sookie's attention once again. "Do you have a preference of what you would like to eat?"

"I'm not very picky," Sookie said quickly. "Anything will be fine, thank you."

Godric smiled kindly at Sookie. "Very well. I will call down and order you room service. You may go attend to your business in the bathroom. I will be out here when you are finished."

Once in the bathroom Sookie decided to take a quick shower so by the time Sookie came back to the main room her food had already arrived. She hurried over to the sitting area, taking in the aroma of the meal that was waiting for her.

"Ooh! Breakfast for lunch. My favorite!" Sookie sat down and began to eat without another word, causing Godric to chuckle silently at her behavior.

Godric allowed her to eat in silence, and Sookie did not try to engage in conversation until she had eaten her fill of the meal in front of her.

"Thank you for the meal, Godric. It was wonderful," Sookie said. "I really shouldn't have let you order so much, though. I'm afraid I don't have any money with me to pay you back." Sookie sounded slightly embarrassed saying this and she began fiddling with the belt of the complimentary hotel bathrobe that she changed into after her shower.

"Nonsense, Sookie. You will not be paying me back. It was my decision to treat you."

"That reminds me," Sookie said, her hackles now raised. "What makes you think you have the right to make decisions for me or tell me what to do? You tried to pull that crap last night and you've been trying to pull it again. I won't have it. I am capable of taking care of myself. I do not need someone telling me what to do every step of the way!"

"Have you ever had anyone you deferred to, Sookie?" Godric asked, his voice as gentle as always. "Have you ever seen fit to take instruction or advice from anyone else? Or is it your contention that you have all the knowledge necessary to survive after experiencing 25 short years in a rural town in Louisiana? Do you honestly believe that there is no one that knows better than you?"

"Here's what I know, Godric. I know my parents were scared of me from the moment they found out there was something 'different' about me. They were too worried about keeping me from seeing their thoughts or wondering what was wrong with me to tell me what was right and what was wrong and then they were gone. My older brother has never acted the part, not even once in his life. I've been bailing him out of the trouble he gets himself into since I was 10 years old. My Gran…she was there for me in a way no one else was, but she knew I was self-sufficient. The fact is I stayed living with her because she needed me to help pay for the house or she wouldn't have been able to keep it."

There were tears in Sookie's eyes and she was gasping for breath in an attempt to keep herself from breaking down entirely. Godric was in front of her, then, kneeling down to look Sookie in the eye. His hands came up to cradle either side of Sookie's face in a comforting gesture, but one that also kept her from looking away from him again.

"You will listen to me now, Sookie. Calm yourself down and listen carefully. You have been forced to live in a manner that has caused you a great amount of pain. I can see this plainly. I see that you were raised in a world where you were alone and created a shell to protect yourself from everyone else."

Silent tears were streaming down Sookie's face now, and Godric continued to speak, swiping the tears away with the tips of his fingers as they came.

"Please do not misunderstand me, Sookie. I do not believe this to be your fault in any way. But it is clear to me that the control you convince yourself you have is merely a façade. I do not think you are capable of controlling yourself, nor do I believe that you have ever been shown the discipline and guidance under which someone such as yourself could flourish. Your 'outbursts' – "

"Temper tantrums, you mean," Sookie said sniffling and still trying to get control of her tears.

Godric quirked a tiny smile at her before continuing. "Yes, it is true. Perhaps I should have considered my words more carefully before. However my comment remains the same: these outbursts, they are your subconscious crying for help. You already know you are drowning on your own. Please allow someone to help you."

Godric's hands were still on either side of Sookie's face not allowing her to turn away, so she closed her eyes for a moment to gain some semblance of privacy. "You mean, you, don't you," she whispered. "You want to control me. Just like Bill and the Queen want to control me. Just like Eric."

"I want you to be able to trust that someone will look out for your best interest, even if it means compelling you to behave a certain way, yes. It is not your responsibility to take care of the world, Sookie."

"Why do you care? What is it to you if I'm some lost broken soul who has outbursts and can't control anything? I'm nothing to you."

"Oh, little one, that is simply not true. I have known you for a few days only, but in that time I have come to care for you. Your wellbeing is of utmost importance to me. You are already a beautiful person, dear Sookie, never doubt that for a moment. But I can see the radiant girl underneath this exterior, and it would give me infinite pleasure to help her emerge and grow."

Sookie shuddered harshly then, collapsing into Godric's chest. "What are you doing to me?" she breathed.

"I am trying to make you see that things can be different. I want very much to help you. More than I can put into words."

They were both silent for several minutes, Godric holding Sookie gently against his body and stroking her still-damp hair. "What would I have to do?" Sookie asked quietly into the material of Godric's shirt.

Godric continued the soothing motion of his hand moving against her hair as he replied. "I require you to give yourself to me entirely, and trust me implicitly. Know that I will never allow harm to befall you, even if you are the one who threatens to do the damage."

"I don't think that I'm capable of that." Tears began to fill her eyes again. "I don't want to be all alone, I don't…I can't…but how do I do what you're asking? I don't understand how…" Sookie's body was shaking with sobs once again.

"Hush, little one. If you will try, then I will help you to succeed. It is as simple as that. You must learn how to trust me. That will be our first lesson."

"Lesson?" Sookie pulled away from Godric's chest to look up at him.

"Yes, little one, the first of many. Now," Godric said, moving both Sookie and himself up from the floor where they were embracing and onto the couch, "Eric is awake. As I promised last night, I will send him over to Mr. Compton's room to gather your things. You will be staying with me from now on."

"What about when we go back to Bon Temps? I can't just leave my life there. People depend on me…"

"And I would not ask that you do so," Godric said, smiling lightly. "I think you will find that by the end of this evening I will no longer be tied to this area in any way. As such, I will be free to move where I choose."

"So…," Sookie said hesitantly.

"I intend to return to Louisiana with you and Eric. You must understand, though, that my rule will still stand. You will be staying with me from now on."

"My house?" Sookie asked.

"It will be maintained, of course, and will be an asset left in your name. We can discuss possibilities at a later date. I must make this plain; by agreeing to accept my help, you are agreeing to be mine. You are agree to submit yourself to my will. There will be no argument on this."

"But – "

"No. Either you are mine, or you are not mine. There is no in between, I am afraid. I will promise you this, however: I will neither force myself on you sexually, nor will I ever bite you without your consent."

"You don't want me?" Sookie asked. She couldn't understand where the question came from. She was relieved at Godric's words but for some reason she felt slightly disappointed as well.

Godric's face became mischievous then, as it had last night when they were going to bed. "Oh no, little one, I never said I did not want you. On the contrary; I want you very much. But I will restrain myself, physically, at least, until you say otherwise." The way Godric spoke made Sookie's stomach flutter pleasantly and she tried to keep herself from squirming in her seat, though she was not entirely successful. Godric laughed outright at this but said no more about it, simply leaning over an placing a gentle kiss on the top of her head.

"You have been very brave to accept my help little one. I am proud of you." A light blush crossed Sookie's cheeks and she smiled shyly up into Godric's face.

"Thank you, Godric."

"You are most welcome dear Sookie. However we now must be serious for a moment. I want to assign you your first task before Eric arrives."

Sookie did not say anything, simply continued to look up at Godric, waiting.

"Beautiful girl," Godric whispered. "It is my sincere hope that you will trust me enough to be able to complete this task successfully. I will not leave you alone for a moment the entire time." Sookie was holding her breath, wishing Godric would just come out with it. "For the next 24 hours, dear Sookie, I require you to remain silent. You do not have permission to speak for any reason, excepting that your life or the life of someone else is in danger. As I said, I will be with you for the duration of this task and will assist you in seeing it to completion. Do you understand what is being asked of you?"

A flurry of emotions stormed across Sookie's face and for a moment it appeared to Godric as if she were going to argue. But then she closed her eyes and took a deep breath, pausing before answering. "Yes, Godric. I understand."

Godric smiled widely. "Good girl, Sookie. Once again you have made me proud." He watched as her blush returned. "I am afraid those are the last words you are permitted to speak until tomorrow, sweet girl, but remember the point of this exercise: you must trust that I will give you what you need."

Sookie nodded her head in understanding.

"Wonderful. Now Sookie, I have some questions I must ask of you. This Mr. Compton, he has given you his blood, has he not?"

Sookie nodded.

"You understand this creates a bond between the two of you. While this bond exists, Mr. Compton has a claim on you. I promised to keep you from harm and I will," Godric assured Sookie, who had begun to look fearful at the very idea that Bill might have a way to take her away to the Queen. "I am far older than both Mr. Compton and the Queen and I do not believe either would challenge me. However, if you would agree to accept some of my blood, I can assure you the bond you create with me will erase any trace of the one created by Mr. Compton. Consenting to a blood exchange, would, of course, be ideal. Will you think about this please?"

Sookie shook her head no.

"Sookie," Godric said, "I will respect your wishes, however I find myself disappointed that you will not at least consider the option…"

Sookie was tapping Godric's arm as he spoke and when he looked up at her she gave him a very frustrated glare. Thinking a moment, Sookie grabbed Godric's hand and pulled it toward her mouth, placing her lips to his wrist and looking back up at him with big eyes.

Godric nodded his head in understanding, quirking his lips at his confusion. "I apologize for the misunderstanding, little one. You are saying you will accept my offer?"

Sookie nodded her head several times so there could be no mistake.

"You honor me with your decision. Will you take it now?"

Sookie nodded.

"I do not share my blood lightly, little one. Know that you are special and cared for. There is only one other aside from my own maker that I have shared my blood with throughout my thousands of years and that is Eric. I hope you understand the depth of the commitment I am making, what this gesture means to me."

Sookie bowed her head low to Godric, looking up at him through her lashes.

"Thank you, my Sookie. Now," Godric paused and Sookie heard the familiar sound of fangs clicking into place followed by the soft crunching noise of Godric biting into his own wrist, "drink. Only a little is needed for a bond to form because of my age."

Godric brought his bleeding wrist to Sookie's mouth and guided her head to the wound with his free hand, cradling her tenderly. Sookie allowed her tongue to peek from between her parted lips, gingerly lapping at the pooling blood. It was not coppery as she imagined it would be. Godric's blood tasted spicy to her in a way that hinted at his age, knowledge, and power. Sookie felt immediately more connected to him and drew a little more insistently on the quickly healing wound, wanting more than anything to be even closer. Almost instinctively, as the skin beneath her lips knitted back together preventing her from tasting any more of the blood, Sookie slowly tilted her head to the side, exposing her neck to Godric in silent invitation. She wanted him to taste her as well and tried to convey her desire through her eyes.

Godric leaned down and pressed his lips lightly against the skin of Sookie's neck, breathing her scent in deeply before he spoke. "Is this truly what you desire, little one? Do not feel as if you must do this for me. I meant it when I said I would not take your blood unless you wish for me to do so." As he spoke, Godric allowed his lips to graze against Sookie's skin, sending little shivers down her body.

Sookie's only response was to nod her head gently before extending her neck as far to the side as she could, then tilting her head backward into Godric's palm.

Godric whispered into the juncture where her neck turned into shoulder. "Thank you my Sookie." Godric placed several open mouthed kisses light on Sookie's skin. When Sookie heard Godric's fangs run down this time she gasped a little in anticipation and Godric could hear her heart start to beat a little faster in excitement. Godric scraped his fangs against her skin lightly, grinning boyishly when he hit a ticklish spot causing Sookie to let out a small giggle.

Godric looked up from his place from her shoulder and caught Sookie's eye, his grin still in place to let her know he was not upset. "Ah, ah, sweet girl. Breaking the rules so soon?" Sookie's eyes grew wide and she snapped her lips closed in an instant, leaning back into Godric's hand on the back of her head as he moved his fingers through her hair reassuringly. "Remember, little one, you must be silent. Trust in me; I would never harm you." Godric looked away from Sookie's face then, and gave her several teasing nips before licking her neck sensuously from her shoulder up to her ear. Sookie shuddered violently at this then went completely rigid in Godric's arms as finally he slid his fangs into her skin, taking a deep pull of her blood.

Sookie bit her lips between her teeth trying desperately to keep herself from making a sound. Godric's bite was different from anything she'd ever imagined getting bitten would be like. It felt as if the spot Godric was drinking from was directly connected to a place low in her belly and as he kept up the sucking pressure on her neck, a burning ache ignited between her legs. Without her permission, Sookie's hips bucked up into the air, unconsciously seeking relief. Just as Sookie felt like she might explode from feeling so much, though, Godric removed his fangs from where they had sunk into her neck and lapped gently at the punctures until the bleeding stopped. Before he moved back, he nicked his own tongue on one of his fangs, allowing his blood to heal the marks he had left behind.

Godric turned Sookie so she was facing away from him, then sat back against the couch, pulling her with him to lean against his chest. Both Godric's arms came around to hug her closely and he laid his right palm flat against her stomach, rubbing soothingly in an attempt to calm her down.

"Hush, my sweet girl. Hush now. You have given me such a gift. I am so pleased with you my good girl. Calm now. Be still," Godric whispered into Sookie's ear.

It took several minutes for Sookie to really relax. The electric coursing through Sookie's body died down to a manageable buzz and as Godric continued to move his cool hand against her belly, she felt herself melt into his body, steadily losing tension until she felt completely boneless. Sookie's eyelids had long drifted closed and she let herself to float in the pleasant place between sleep and wakefulness allowing Godric's steady touch to ground her.

Sookie wasn't aware of the suite door opening until a very familiar voice brought her harshly back to the present.

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